Melissa Cook

Director, Client Growth

Melissa Cook is a recent graduate of Auburn University in Communication, Natural Resource Management, and Hunger Studies. As someone who has always answered the dreaded “What do you want to do with your life?” question with “…I don’t know? Help people…,” she found her place in these programs helping people, the environment, and learned effective communication and helpful life skills along the way.

By integrating her interests in helping people and creative thinking, she found her home at Verge Pipe Media. As a content creator and marketing automation guru, Melissa has the opportunity to use her learned skills to help businesses grow and reach their goals, while doing work that matters.

In her free time, she enjoys drinking local coffee, can be found harassing people about recycling, and working with local nonprofits and students at the university to promote food insecurity and food waste research and initiatives.
(334) 750-5193
melissa cook