Don Crow

Founder & Managing Partner

Don Crow is a proud, card-carrying member of the ENTJ club. He spent just over six years in the US Army as an officer who served with distinction in places like Macedonia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Germany and here closer to home in the USA.

After hanging up his muddy boots, Don rapidly transitioned into the, “internet with training wheels,” or America Online as it was more popularly known. There, he led teams of as few as six and as many as 12 with responsibility for a global workforce of both internal and outsourced teams that numbered over 1,000.

Through it all, Don maintained a love for marketing, advertising, gadgetry, craft beer, BBQ and too expensive wines. He’s an early adopter by nature and once proclaimed the death of outbound marketing at a Direct Marketing Association national conference and the emergence of Inbound Marketing before it was a catch phrase. To no one’s surprise, Don wasn’t invited back next year.

He’s worked in Corporate Relations for Auburn University, served on several non-profit boards, co-founded two companies, launched a mobile application for golfers and founded two companies, including Verge Pipe Media.

But if asked, Don will tell you his greatest accomplishments are, (1) having out-kicked his coverage with his wife, and (2) being the dad to two totally awesome kids.
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don crow