Cody Lunsford

Lead Visual Content Producer

Cody Lunsford is Verge Pipe Media’s resident media producer, which includes videography, video editing, and writing and directing of visual content. He is a recent graduate of Auburn University’s Media Studies with a Visual Media track program and is now using those skills to create premium video content.

Before becoming an Auburn local, Cody came from the up and coming town of Moody, Alabama where he graduated the top of his class. He debated about potentially going to the University of Alabama, but after being told by an alumni of UA that Auburn had the better media program, that is where he chose to pursue his degree. He since has fallen in love with the Auburn area and could not imagine having gone anywhere else.

In his free time, he is quite often explaining superheroes and comics to his fiancee, making dumb jokes on Twitter, or working on the Four Eyes Podcast Network, which is a group of podcasts that he either hosts or helps run.
(334) 750-5193
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