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Verge Pipe Media signed Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine as a client in the winter of 2015. One of the first major content ideas pitched to the unit after VPM re-designed their website, was to incorporate more video to their text-heavy program pages. According to a new study, the average website user spends 88% more time on a website with video. It’s also been found that 78% of people watch at least one online video per week. Mobile video use is also on the rise as video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic. The fact that video is widely consumed online and now more easily consumed on mobile devices, we felt this was the perfect time to leverage the power of this growing medium.

The Challenge

The statistics show that the play button is becoming, “the most compelling call-to-action on the web.” Knowing the potential that video could bring to the overall College of Veterinary Medicine content strategy, Verge Pipe Media needed to find a way to tell stories visually within the context of the overall strategic plan of the College which is to enhance student success, promote discovery and practice the highest standards of veterinary medicine.

The Strategy

Verge Pipe Media gravitated towards the idea that the “promoting discovery” goal listed in the strategic plan would be one of the best avenues to pursue quickly in the launch of the video marketing strategy. We met with the key stakeholders at Auburn CVM to pitch a plan of “Meet The Vet Med Family” videos that would not only showcase the different services offered at the college, but also the state-of-the-art technology that is available for patients and research. These areas not only provide great visuals for storytelling, but help promote Auburn as one of the top veterinary schools in the nation.

The Finer Details for this Project

Verge Pipe Media is working to leverage video as a larger part of all of our clients’ inbound marketing strategies. Video marketing has measureable effects on brand awareness, lead generation and online engagement. A YouTube page was created for the College to host the videos and once videos are uploaded to the page they are also shared across the full spectrum of social media, online and email platforms employed by the College.

Integrated Approach

The distribution channels and content types used were:


Topline Results

45 videos produced to date
6,400 video views on YouTube to date
142 average views per video on YouTube to date
1,266 views on the most watched YouTube video to date
1,366 minutes watched of most watched YouTube video to date
Average view duration of 1:04 to date

20 videos uploaded to Facebook
29,015 video views on Facebook to date
5,430 30-second views on Facebook to date
1,451 average views per video on Facebook to date
5,100 views on the most watched Facebook video to date
Nine videos with more than 1,000 views on Facebook
15 videos with more than 500 views on Facebook
Average reach of 4,700 for videos on Facebook
16,200 reach on the most watched video on Facebook to date
10 videos with a reach of more than 3,000 on Facebook to date
Six videos with a reach of more than 6,000 on Facebook to date
All 20 videos with a reach of more than 1,500 on Facebook to date

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