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Partnership with Fundraising

Auburn University hosted “Tiger Giving Day,” a 24-hour university-wide crowdfunding initiative, on Dec. 1, 2015. Verge Pipe Media teamed with The Harbert College of Business to double their initial goal and raise more than $20,000 towards “The Tiger Cage” initiative. The following case study will outline how Verge Pipe Media was able to strategically leverage media relations, word of mouth, social media and other inbound marketing practices to become the first academic unit on Auburn’s campus to achieve its initial goal and eventually fund its program by 223%.

The Challenge

The Harbert College of Business wanted to take Tiger Cage to a new level. Its goal is to make the program more than just an annual competition with limited prize money. The support of its goal for The Tiger Cage sought to help Harbert College “Unlock the Cage and Unleash a Tiger.” Harbert was asking for amounts of any size to help fund the future of this entrepreneurship program and entrepreneurship as a whole at Auburn University through the Harbert College of Business and The Tiger Cage project.

The Strategy

Goal setting should be tailored to your effort’s circumstances and align with the strategic vision of your project. The money raised from Tiger Giving Day was important, but it was not the only goal we set for ourselves. We concluded that for year one of Tiger Giving Day, $10,000 would be a realistic goal and an amount that would help expand the project. But, we also sought to reach new and lapsed donors via digital channels using the inbound methodology.

The Finer Details for this Project

Inbound marketing is fueled by content and both Verge Pipe Media and the Harbert College of Business team compiled a killer content strategy to help fuel the messaging before, during and after the event.

Integrated Approach

The distribution channels and content types used were:

Landing Pages

Topline Results

Original Goal: $10,000
Original Goal met: 11:02 a.m. CT (first academic unit to reach goal)
New Goal: $20,000
New Goal Met: 5:30 p.m. CT
Final Amount Raised: $22,349
Percent funded: 223% (second-highest total of all units)
Donors: 203 (third-highest total of all units)
Avg. Donation: $110
Smallest Donation: $10
Largest Donation: $2,500
Most Common Donation: $25

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