Blogging and Copywriting

Blogging and Copywriting

“Writing Well Matters.” Anonymous English majors everywhere

Blogging and Copywriting the VPM way

We believe in content that converts, whether it’s a blog post, social media post or video.


Listening to your audience’s needs and desires can give you almost everything you need in order to refine your brand and tailor it to your ideal customer.

Eliminate Clutter

Words matter. Writing allows you to break through to potential clients and make a great first impression. Great copywriting allows you to cut out the excess and get straight to the point by providing useful information and including a clear call to action.

Drive Traffic

The combination of blogging, social media and organic SEO helps drive new traffic to your website. Blogging allows you to attract new traffic that might not know to search for your exact brand but provides information that they may be searching for and will ultimately lead them to your website.

Convert Readers

Your blog has the potential to convert visitors into leads by including calls-to-action. These calls to action come in many forms but most commonly in the form of content that a visitor would be willing to exchange their contact information for.

Establish Thought Leadership

The best content answers questions, entertains, informs and delights the readers. Constantly providing remarkable content to your targeted customers can help establish your brand as an authority in their eyes.

Long Term

Once you have published your blog and provided remarkable content your blog post can generate new leads for months, even years to come. In short, the effort you put into one blog post can turn into an incredible number of views and leads in the future.

Case Studies: Our Work In Action

Our Clients In Their Own Words

Verge Pipe Media was just what I needed – even though I didn’t know it! I needed additional support with my event so I took the leap, and then they truly went above and beyond my expectations. They definitely took my event communications to the next level. By expanding on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, they essentially turned followers into mini-advertisements – that were free!
What else can you ask for when having an event? Let the people following you do your work for you.
I used to think I (or an intern) could handle all the interaction and questions during my event. It’s simply not true. I was just doing the bare minimum. VPM was able to not only answer all the questions coming in through different social media platforms, but they were able to truly engage the attendee in a way I never had. It was awesome. It was amazing getting the statistical reports they gave me. It was just nice to have that information handed over to me so that I could see results quickly and easily.

on the tracks case study

Pam Powers-Smith Executive Director, Opelika Main Street & On The Tracks

We have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with Verge Pipe Media. The firm has demonstrated its creativity and versatility in helping our college build a robust social media presence, improving SEO, offering graphic design support, and storyboarding, shooting, and editing video.

The VPM team gets to know the organizations they assist and demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs. They are far more than a voice on a phone line. They value face to face contact, and it shows in the work they produce.

Troy Johnson Director, Marketing & Communications, Harbert College of Business

Verge Pipe Media has helped the College of Veterinary Medicine reach new audiences and make stronger connections with alumni and friends through integrated marketing. Collaborating with VPM has allowed the college to ensure we are reaching our specific audiences with information they want to know. Our small marketing and communications staff could not do this alone and VPM has collaborated effectively and professionally with us.

Janet McCoy Director, Communications and Marketing, College of Veterinary Medicine