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About Verge Pipe Media

Inbound Marketing and Strategy

Marketing transformation and business change experts

We advocate for, and use inbound marketing because it delivers results. Our team happily dissects your marketing and business challenges and develops solutions that result in you achieving your goals. It sounds simple, because it is meant to be.

Your challenge may be increasing alumni giving and engagement. We understand what it takes to change those behaviors. Your challenge may be in attracting the right prospects and customers. We know what is involved in developing a comprehensive marketing solution to grow traffic and leads.

We have found our niche, not in one industry, but in helping organizations who have been locked into outbound marketing for so long they fear transitioning to something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s Higher Education, B2B, or even select B2C clients, if you are digital naive and want to change, we’re the team to help you become digital native.

Why Should You Partner with VPM?

Because you need patient, capable marketing coaches who know how to deliver results in an increasingly faster paced world.

Data Driven Marketing

You need a data driven marketing that exists to help move people from strangers to customers and on to brand advocates. You’ve found that team with Verge Pipe Media. We’re east Alabama’s first HubSpot certified agency partner and thought leaders in Inbound Marketing. And as our own content indicates, we love to have fun while we work and generate results for our clients. What more could you ask for?

Strategy First

You need big picture thinkers, disciplined doers, and an agency who believes in following up and following through. At Verge Pipe Media, our team will roll up our sleeves and work alongside your internal teams to get strategy alignment before we begin the day to day work of telling your story and attracting the right people to your brand.

Digital in our DNA

In today’s always on, always connected world, being digital increasingly means being mobile. At Verge Pipe Media we always consider your brand story as it  plays out on mobile devices and the impact of how people share and comment on social content.

Here’s the important thing….unlike other agencies, we’ve never been anything but an Inbound Marketing, Digital Strategy shop!

The VPM Team

We’re a passionate band of Inbound Marketers demonstrating the Art + Science of marketing everyday to our clients
cannon hyche verge pipe media

Cannon Hyche is a Junior majoring in Philosophy at Auburn University. His interest in marketing and ...


Cannon Hyche

Visual Production
cody lunsford verge pipe media

Cody Lunsford is Verge Pipe Media’s resident media producer, which includes videography, video edi...


Cody Lunsford

Lead Visual Content Producer

Crystal Rawls double majored in Media Studies and Creative Writing in the College of Liberal Arts at...


Crystal Rawls

Media Production

Melissa Cook is a Senior in the Interdisciplinary Studies major at Auburn University. Her emphases o...


Melissa Cook

Jr Account Manager
kayla jolly verge pipe media

Kayla Jolly is a senior Public Relations major in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University. ...


Kayla Jolly

Ally Arthur

Ally Arthur, is a sophomore Marketing major and Analytics minor in the Raymond J. Harbert College of...


Ally Arthur

Content Production Specialist
Dragi Postolovski Verge Pipe Media Lead WordPress Developer

Dragi (drah-GHEE) is a web designer and VPM’s lead WordPress developer from Pehcevo, currentl...


Dragi Postolovski

Lead WordPress Developer
don crow verge pipe media

Don Crow is a proud, card-carrying member of the ENTJ club. He spent just over six years in the US A...


Don Crow

Founder & Managing Partner
katie crow verge pipe media

Katie is a Managing Partner with Verge Pipe Media, having been with the agency when it was just a pi...


Katie Crow

Lead Counsel
rebecca sturtevant verge pipe media

Rebecca Sturtevant is almost one of the founding members of Verge Pipe Media. Originally from the no...


Rebecca Sturtevant

Chief Media Hustler
madi abele verge pipe media

Madi Abele is completing her final semester at Auburn University and will be receiving her bachelor...


Madi Abele

VPM Immerse Correspondent

Catherine is a Marketing major in the Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. S...


Catherine Andrews

Jr Account Manager
verge pipe media graphic designer

Rachid Amantague is the lead graphic designer for Verge Pipe Media, specializing in logo design, bra...


Rachid Amantague

Graphic Designer

Get to Know Us Even Better

What's It Like to Work with VPM?

Try Us

Take advantage of our Thought Leadership and book us for:

  • Paid Assessment of your website and social media presence
  • Strategy Session with your key leaders

Pricing (without travel, if needed) ranges from $50 to $1,200

Work With Us

We’re a social team, so reserve members of our team to come get friendly with you during:

  • Group Work to put your Strategy Session into practice
  • Onsite Workshop(s) for everything from Community Manager training to customized seminars

Pricing (without travel, if needed) ranges from $1,200 to $2,500.

Engage Us

Already have a robust marketing team but need help with Inbound? Book us to help with:

  • 6-Week Strategy, from ideation to execution
  • Pilot Campaign to demonstrate ROI to senior leadership and internal stakeholders

Pricing (without travel, if needed) ranges from $2,500 to $15,000.

Hire Us

Now we’re talking! Putting tools such as HubSpot’s Marketing Automation platform together with Verge Pipe Media is where we really take off!

  • 6-Month Implementation
  • 12-Month Implementation

Pricing (without travel, if needed) ranges from $30k to $100k+.