Great marketing moves the needle. In the direction you want.

You have a story to tell and you need it told in a way that is genuine, compelling and gets results. That’s where the team at Verge Pipe Media fits in. We’re storytellers with a soft spot for Dr. Seuss, social media, and an overall Inbound Marketing approach that delivers data driven results.

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Strategy gets tossed around today like a commodity. The truth is, strategy is hard work and takes more vision than a kettle of hawks.

You have internal resources and may even have another agency. But you don’t have an agency led by a former America Online (AOL, the internet with training wheels, remember?) marketing director and a carefully chosen team of big picture thinkers and doers. We’ll work side by side with you on plans, personas, and a lot of other terms you thought only existed in a Seth Godin book.

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Digital. Social. Online. Content. Inbound.

The list goes on and on while the need for results accelerates even faster. It’s tough keeping up when your day job isn’t devoted to the latest app, social network, online advertising platform, or even experiential marketing phase. That’s why you need an agency like Verge Pipe Media. We pride ourselves on leading the digital naive into the land of digital natives.

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What is Inbound Marketing and What Does ``It`` Do?

It’s a movement, and it’s the best way to help organizations who, (1) have something to sell, and (2) want to sell more of it.
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Inbound Marketing is all about putting your remarkable content into the hands of real people who are looking for the solutions you provide. Getting found requires a combination of Inbound Marketing components such as: blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, email newsletters, whitepapers, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), branded events, social media marketing, and other unique branded types of content marketing which serve to attract customers through the different stages of the buyers journey.

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Go from market laggard to market leader

At Verge Pipe Media we practice what we like to call, “the art and science of digital marketing.” By combining our strategic vision, excellent planning and creativity with HubSpot’s world leading marketing automation platform, we transform our clients from the digital naive to digital natives.

Inbound Marketing isn’t the new kid on the block like it was when Verge Pipe Media launched in 2011. Today, marketing leaders across every industry are using the power of inbound to fundamentally transform their customer relationships.

  • 64% of successful companies using inbound have fewer than 25 employees.
  • Inbound works for B2B, B2C and non-profits. In fact, it enjoys a 3:1 preference by marketers in all three categories.
  • Companies are 3X as likely to see higher ROI on Inbound vs Outbound
  • Marketers who check their metrics 3X+ per week are over 20% more likely to achieve positive ROI (NOTE: HubSpot makes this easy!)
  • Marketers across the board, as well as many business owners, rated paid advertising: print, broadcast, outdoor, as the most overrated by ROI of any marketing tactic
inbound marketing vs outbound marketing roi

Let's Deep Dive Into Our 3 Core Competencies

All of our work is designed to attract the right people to your organization, turn them into paying customers, and then use digital channels to delight them and create brand advocates.


You need a data driven marketing that exists to help move people from strangers to customers and on to brand advocates. You’ve found that team with Verge Pipe Media. We’re east Alabama’s first HubSpot certified agency partner and thought leaders in Inbound Marketing. And as our own content indicates, we love to have fun while we work and generate results for our clients. What more could you ask for?

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You need big picture thinkers, disciplined doers, and an agency who believes in following up and following through. At Verge Pipe Media, our team will roll up our sleeves and work alongside your internal teams to get strategy alignment before we begin the day to day work of telling your story and attracting the right people to your brand.

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In today’s always on, always connected world, being digital increasingly means being mobile. At Verge Pipe Media we always consider your brand story as it  plays out on mobile devices and the impact of how people share and comment on social content.

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  • on the tracks case study

    Verge Pipe Media was just what I needed – even though I didn’t know it! I needed additional support with my event so I took the leap, and then they truly went above and beyond my expectations. They definitely took my event communications to the next level. By expanding on my Facebook and Twitter feeds, they essentially turned followers into mini-advertisements – that were free!
    What else can you ask for when having an event? Let the people following you do your work for you.
    I used to think I (or an intern) could handle all the interaction and questions during my event. It’s simply not true. I was just doing the bare minimum. VPM was able to not only answer all the questions coming in through different social media platforms, but they were able to truly engage the attendee in a way I never had. It was awesome. It was amazing getting the statistical reports they gave me. It was just nice to have that information handed over to me so that I could see results quickly and easily.

    Pam Powers-Smith Executive Director, Opelika Main Street & On The Tracks

  • We have enjoyed a fantastic working relationship with Verge Pipe Media. The firm has demonstrated its creativity and versatility in helping our college build a robust social media presence, improving SEO, offering graphic design support, and storyboarding, shooting, and editing video.

    The VPM team gets to know the organizations they assist and demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs. They are far more than a voice on a phone line. They value face to face contact, and it shows in the work they produce.

    Troy Johnson Director, Marketing & Communications, Harbert College of Business

  • Verge Pipe Media has helped the College of Veterinary Medicine reach new audiences and make stronger connections with alumni and friends through integrated marketing. Collaborating with VPM has allowed the college to ensure we are reaching our specific audiences with information they want to know. Our small marketing and communications staff could not do this alone and VPM has collaborated effectively and professionally with us.

    Janet McCoy Director, Communications and Marketing, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • justin patton rfid lab

    The RFID Lab has always had the philosophy of “let the work speak for itself”, but we finally grew to enough projects that the messages starting getting mixed.  We needed professionals to come help us get our house in order, and Verge Pipe Media has been there to help us every step of the way.  They manage our social media, help with our website and messaging, and have helped us create customer profiles to understand all the different groups we speak to and exactly what we’re saying to each one.  We’re not marketers, we’re researchers, and the VPM team has made it simple for us to feel confident in what we’re saying and how we say it, so the work can still speak for itself, but it speaks a lot louder and more clearly.

    Justin Patton RFID Lab Director

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