Every startup is different. Each team has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Some startups get hot fast. Others flounder, but manage to slug it out and make a run. Many will fade into oblivion or turn into completely different businesses when it’s all said-and-done. In short: it’s a weird, wonderful and largely unpredictable world.

But there are a few commonalities in startup-land…

  • The battle over capital is always front-of-mind. Budgets are tight and lean.
  • Marketing spend isn’t really a concern until product-market fit is verified.
  • Chances at success can be improved by good research, a tight process and execution.

So where, exactly, does the Verge Pipe Media team fit into the mix?! Just ask the guys at GetCharitable:

“As Verge Pipe Media has us up on our feet and our work with each other is nearing completion, we’ll be looking for a full time developer that can live up to Matt and the rest of the team at Verge Pipe Media’s extremely high standards, which is going to be pretty hard to find!  Kyle and I will be taking exciting steps, like getting a full time office and growing our day to day operations to support a whole team as we grow in the future.”

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Verge Pipe Media is your bench. We’re there when you need to tap your roster for extra muscle, that specialty play or creative spark and a spare set of hands for development.

Versatile skill-set…

We’ve helped startups with research, business plan development, branding, social media, crowd-sourced fundraising, media placement and whole heckuva lot more on the PR, communications and marketing front.

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What’s more our agency can help your team develop prototypes and alpha versions of your software and mobile app. Check out VPM Labs for more on our tech dev capabilities!

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What’s our value-add?

  • Age + expertise.
  • No strings. Just cash + contracts.
  • Accountability.
  • Results.

We don’t work with everyone. Selective – but flexible – budgeting options when all parties find the right fit! Let’s talk.