Social means more than networks, big data and community engagement. Comprehensive social strategies help enterprises become leaner, more agile and more productive.

So when it comes to your organization, social and mobile – enabled software is the wave of the future. Free reporting & data analysis from the cubicle. Give your employees the opportunity to work on the go.

We can build software that centralizes your data and allows employees to connect via desktop, tablet and mobile phone. We offer custom solutions and can hook into pre-existing APIs to help integrate different departments and systems.



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Why choose VPM Labs as your custom software development partner?

Software doesn’t have to be synonymous with “expensive”

We work with you as a partner, understanding your specific project requirements. We provide consulting expertise at every step to get the most bang for your buck on features, solutions and interface. Only after we have fully scoped out your requirements do we start the behind the scenes coding to design and deliver an affordable, professional custom solution. We believe in developing your solution right, the first time!

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Imagination does fit with custom development. Like a glove.

Turning your ideas into reality requires professional help. That’s where the team at VPM Labs comes in. We artfully blend creativity and engineering so your software not only gets the job done, but it is a pleasure for your team to actually use. By focusing on deploying the best solution in creative ways, your good idea becomes great and great ideas get adopted.

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End to end does not equal cradle to grave

All this talk about creativity may make you nervous when you think about software. In reality, we apply creativity at every step of a methodical, disciplined process which gets your software designed and delivered in a fast and user-friendly way. We approach each project with a Design for Six Sigma methodology:

  • Define design goals that are consistent with customer demands and the enterprise strategy.
  • Measure and identify CTQs (characteristics that are Critical To Quality), product capabilities, production process capability, and risks.
  • Analyze to develop and design alternatives, create a high-level design and evaluate design capability to select the best design.
  • Design details, optimize the design, and plan for design verification. This phase may require simulations.
  • Verify the design, set up pilot runs, implement the production process and hand it over to the process owner(s).

Utilizing this process, we’re not only creating the best possible software solution from the beginning, we’re constantly optimizing for future releases, upcoming iterations and expanded feature sets.

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Tech Speak: Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, C++, PHP, Microsoft.NET, Cloud based solutions

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Our development team is well-versed in an array of coding languages and processes. If you’d like more details on our capabilities – including how we can help market your finished product – please download our service roster or drop us a line. | We’d be happy to talk about specifics surrounding your project.