Trust us: we know our way around Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+

But when we think about social media at Verge Pipe Media, we’re focused on communities – anywhere they are found. Community, by definition involves shared space, common interests and a sense of interdependence; this is what we’re after!

If you need direction, Verge Pipe Media will help you define bankable target demographics. If you already have that under control, we’ll help select appropriate channels and show you how to reach your targets.

Social networks enable social media strategies, but we also consider a wide range of word-of-mouth marketing tactics under the social umbrella. Events, livestream events, guerrilla marketing, industry conferences… these are all powerful tools for Verge Pipe Media’s imaginative inbound marketers.

Verge Pipe Media’s social media marketing process entails:

    • Branding / Creative
    • Strategy
    • Monitoring
    • Response
    • Measurement
    • Optimization

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