If you are asking: what’s the value of search marketing? Consider this…

You own a brand new Cadillac Escalade EXT (and paid a pretty penny for it). But the truck isn’t starting. If you want to get on the road, you have to make sure there is gas. The same concept holds true for your organization, especially when it comes to connecting with digital consumers.

If you expect the online extension of your business to serve as anything more than window-dressing, you have to invest in making yourself easy-to-find and readily available. And this means understanding how people go about solving problems and where they will be when they need you.

Search engine optimization is appropriate for all ranges of organization – but it entails upkeep and watchful eye and utilizing a arsenal of long-tail keyword phrases that get you found. Google and Facebook algorithms are shifting; SEO doesn’t mean the same thing as it did two years ago. Social engagement and content have entered the fray and the system is harder to manipulate. You need a plan.

Search marketing is the first step in an effective inbound marketing strategy. Take a look at the other elements in this short executive primer. Interested in our other capabilities? Please download our full service roster for the details or drop us a line via info@vergepipemedia.com.