If you want to be competitive in a mobile future, you need to think mobile across the board. A website isn’t going to do you any good if people can’t use it on their mobile phone. In this day and age, you need have a mobile strategy for your enterprise and online properties.

Take your website: you may have a website, but is it easy to use on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet computer? Discriminating users don’t have patience for a shrink-wrapped browser experience or clumsy navigation. When your prospective customers want something – your thing – they’ll go looking for it whether they are near a computer or not (hello smartphones).

If you aren’t ready and waiting at their fingertips, you are effectively taking a spot at the back of the line. Don’t eliminate business before you even get out of the gates!

We’re easy to work with – typically, we start by:

  • Identifying your ideal visitor
  • Understanding your customer relationship management strategy
  • Seeking automation via the web for appropriate tasks
  • Determining the optimum search engine strategy to get you found online
  • Building responsive website and/or web app design which then incorporates your organization’s needs and purpose, and….
  • Encouraging customer involvement across the web, social networks and mobile platforms

Infographic: Higher Education Marketing

Our team is well versed in responsive web design and development, seamlessly incorporating CMS, e-commerce, video, photo and social components. For more information on our development capabilities check out our full service roster!