Market Research

Understanding your market and user demographics are mission critical, whether you’re aligned with one of our partners in higher education or grinding away in a small, lean startup. Or, perhaps, your business is somewhere in between – battle-tested and thirsting for growth.

Don’t fly blind.

Going on gut or loose intel for big decisions is a major competitive disadvantage in this age of big data, data visualization and business intelligence. Here’s how we’ve helped our clients (and ourselves) generate their flight-path.

* Validation / Product-Market Fit – any entrepreneur will tell you: great ideas, do not necessarily make great products or businesses. Before you sink a ton of capital (and your heart) into that next big idea, put it under a stress test and vet opportunity with a solid market research process. Poll potential customers. Segment you market. Grade your competitors. Verge Pipe Media offers affordable assessment packages for startups and assets within Tech Transfer offices.

* Social Media (SNS) – Verge Pipe Media uses a blend of automated software, proprietary social discovery tools and real-life human intelligence to measure a brand’s effectiveness, engagement, community and growth opportunities across a wide variety of social media platforms.

Higher Education Marketing | Infographic

* Digital Communications – how do your customers or shareholders prefer to be communicated with? What medium? And how often? Each demographic comes with it’s own set of quirks and preferences. But it’s pretty simple: understand how your customers communicate, and then join the conversation at just the right pitch.

Market Research | Survey Results

* Brand Loyalty, Customer Sentiment – how do your customers view your product? What are make-it or break-it decision points? How do they view competitors? Get the pulse on your product. These days, smart brands are constantly employing a test + learn strategy.

* Internal Assessment – so, you’re thinking about making a major change to policy? Maybe you are little concerned about push-back and internal adoption? Verge Pipe Media can help you better understand your own people, so you can better communicate your vision for the future — and then make it happen.

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Our market research services are tailored to your needs and scaled to fit most budgets. For more information, contact us at