Mobile first. We’ve developed everything from a mobile concierge to a full-on gamified social network for golf.

But let’s face it: not everyone needs a mobile app. And there are plenty of off-the-shelf, plug and play options out there for businesses and organizations that need a quick solution.

We’re here for when template based apps and shortcuts won’t get it done. We sit down with our clients, get to know the business and the objectives we need to accomplish with the app – and then we build from there.

We build new ideas, better user experiences and sleeker design. We build the code and then we can help your organization build awareness.



Still not ready? Read on.

Why choose VPM Labs as your custom application development partner?

We integrate design, engineering and marketing at the outset

At VPM Labs, our designers, software engineers and creative marketing team sit at the same table (literally). We’re a passionate, boutique firm that believes in an, “always on” mobile connected world. Your custom developed app deserves to be planned, built and marketed by experts who know how to start building buzz around your product before it tries to wrestle its way into the crowded app store marketplace.

verge pipe media, mobile app development auburn

A partner who isn’t afraid

Look around. How many messages, notifications, requests and shares can you process in a day? Which ones capture your attention? More importantly, which ones compel you into action? At VPM Labs, we are always asking questions, challenging the status quo, breaking down convention…heck, we built a digital marketing and mobile app shop in Auburn, Alabama! That takes guts to go it alone in a town dominated by college football. We apply that same fearlessness in developing your applications so you remain on the cutting edge and get noticed in a saturated marketplace.

verge pipe media, auburn mobile app development


Imagination fuels us at every step of the way

Some of our app testers are under the age of 10. Watch a child play with an app on an iPad or smartphone sometime. You’ll be amazed. If they get it – they’re engaged. If they don’t – it gets shut down. We’re the partner who makes certain your app works technically and we also make certain your app fuels customer desire and interaction.

verge pipe media, mobile app development auburn


Tech Speak: Objective-C, JavaScript (plus CSS and HTML), Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, PhoneGap, Appcelerator

Need more particulars before you reach out? Check out our team’s detailed capabilities, from development to marketing. If you have questions, we’d be happy to answer them.